Ubiquitous Network Robot


Ubiquitous Network Robots (UNR)

Aiming at coordination/cooperation of robot services for elderly and handicapped people in multiple area

Background and goals

The previous research project in 2004-2009 focuses on single area, and developed several network robot systems allowing cooperation/coordination of robots with ambient sensor networks, mobile phones, etc.

Current research project extends the system to multiple area such as home, hospitals and shopping malls and has developed a common infrastructure for robotic services to support our daily life: the Ubiquitous Network Robot Platform (UNR-PF). It allows cooperation and coordination of robotic services,


– We aim at realizing robot services with spatial expansion, by linking multiple locations such as home, hospitals and commercial facilities, though cooperative network robots.

– We aim at establishing technologies for allowing the provision of robot services related with patrol, life support, and social activity supports, assuming that users can be elderly and handicapped people.

Shopping Support Service

Shopping Support Service


Future plans

Along with the development of base technologies, we plan to develop a cooperative service system which links two locations, and realize robot service trial experiments such as shopping support services and remote dialogue support services.

(This research/development is supported by the Ministry of Internal Affairs and Communication.)