Network Robot System Technology

複数ロボットが連携して ロボットサービスを実現


A single robot often is insufficient because it must see, hear, talk and think all by itself. A network robot system can better provide information and guide people by coordinating a team of robots as well as Internet agents with other embedded devices such as cameras, electronic tags, and wearable sensors.


networkrobot image

  • By coordinating three different kinds of robots “visible type”, “vertical type” and “unconscious type” into one cooperating system, we can realize better dialog services than would be available with merely one type of robot.
  • According to the type of environment for instance at the science museum or the shopping mall and the person’s activity, a robot will modify its communication techniques, such as speech or gesture, to be more effective in the current situation.
  • By coordinating with these ubiquitous robots within the environment, high quality dialog service can be offered to people.


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