Research Projects

We, ISL, research and develop communication robots and ambient intelligence for supporting our everyday life. We introduce main research projects as follows:


By cooperating robots with ambient sensors and character agents over mobile phones, we have made research and development on network robot technologies for realizing robot services which were not able to be done by a single robot. In the present project, we are extending the robot services to multiple locations such as home, hospitals and commercial facilities by cooperating network robots, and are developing technologies for providing services to people that move around multiple life scenes. (more detail)


We are researching science and technology that can be used to project one’s presence over a long distance through the android Geminoid. We are using this android to research and analyze aspects of a human’s existence. (more detail)


We are developing an automatic driving assessment advising system based on safety driving experts and the use of small gyro-sensors, with the aim of preventing driving accidents. (more detail)


This project aims to realize a society of human-robot symbiosis in which humans and robots mutually learn from each other based on trust relationship. (more detail)



Applying the technologies of a network robot system, we incorporate the recommendation methods used in E-commerce in a retail shop in the real world. We constructed a platform for ubiquitous-networked robots that focuses on a shop environment where communication robots perform customer navigation. (more detail)


We are developing Communication Intelligence Modules for creating friendly human-robot interaction in public places through the use of high efficient sensing technology. (more detail)

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