Education Program for Engineers and Enterprisers in Robotics


The next-generation robot fields which include robot technology(RT), ubiquitous technology(UT), and information technology(IT) are important elements of Japanese industry. This education program is a joint collaboration between ATR, Osaka University, Nara Institute of Science and Technology, and Osaka Urban Industry Promotion Center in order to educate engineers and business people in robotics for medium-sized and small-sized enterprises in the manufacturing industry.


Education program for total knowledge

●Basic Technology
Learn robot technology skills by attending lectures both from those at the leading-edge of academic research and from those experienced in business, manufacturing, and product development.

●System Development
Train in product development by researching next-generation robot technology.

●Experimental Evaluation
Understand the core technology in order to develop new markets in society.


Image of Education Program for Engineers and Enterprisers in Robotics

Future Plan

  • Training basic technology <Next generation integration course> started 2008.
  • <System development> and <Experiment evaluation> each course starts 2009.

This program is supported by Ministry of Economy and Trade Industry for 2007 EPEER project.

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