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Introduction of past project  that  Interaction Science Laboratories have done.

Network Robot Technology

ネットワークロボット技術のイメージA single robot often is insufficient because it must see, hear, talk and think all by itself. A network robot system can better provide information and guide people by coordinating a team of robots as well as Internet agents with other embedded devices such as cameras, electronic tags, and wearable sensors.
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Structured Environmental Information Platform

環境情報構造化プラットフォームのイメージObtaining people’s position information is essential for performing robotic services toward people. In order to appoach this goal, we are developing methods for people positioninig, and for extracting semantical information from these positions. Also, a testbed system will be constructed which realizes a common platform system providing these functionalities.
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Education Program for Engineers and Enterprisers in Robotics Project

The next-generation robot fields which include robot technology(RT), ubiquitous technology(UT), and information technology(IT) are important elements of Japanese industry. This education program is a joint collaboration between ATR, Osaka University, Nara Institute of Science and Technology, and Osaka Urban Industry Promotion Center in order to educate engineers and business people in robotics for medium-sized and small-sized enterprises in the manufacturing industry.

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E-nightingale Project

We are conducting research on a knowledge sharing system that observes certain activities in our everyday life with ubiquitous sensors, interprets these activities, constructs knowledge such as the general tendencies of these activities from the interpretations, and provides useful knowledge to those developing improvements for the targeted activities.

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