MEMS Tactile Sensor


We are developing a tactile sensor that used MEMS technology.


●We are developing a robot tactile sensor that can precisely measure hand pressure and grip from human. This can be used in a next generation industrial human support robot so that a robot can hold an object with the right amount of presure, such that it will not drop it. Through experimental work using a tactile sensor attached to the robot’s fingers, we have developed a system automatic recognition system for holding objects.

Basic Structure of MEMS tactile sensor



●Using nano-technology, we created a solid micro-structure base layered with elastic resin. When vertical or horizontal force is applied to this base, the resin changes shape, and the solid structure also alters in shape.
This is a simple structure to measure various levels of hand pressure and grip. We can easily alter the number of sensors and the density of the measurable power range depending on the purpose and needs of the specific application. Therefore this technology can be used not only as a robot skin sensor but will also be adapted to other applications in the near future.






Future Plan

We succeeded in developing 1 square mm a sensor element. So we are trying to develop further a sensor that has the capability discern the gripping condition according to the accumulated information provided by the process of signals.


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