Driving Assessment



We are developing an automatic driving assessment advising system based on safety driving experts and the use of small gyro-sensors, with the aim of preventing driving accidents.


●We are developing and implementing a learning program to support elderly persons and beginner drivers that can be used to measure and understand his or her driving skill objectively.


●By attaching a small wireless sensor to a hat or shoe, driving activity can be measured easily and without the need for a special car. Using data accumulated from these sensors, the system automatically analyzes and evaluates the person’s driving skills.

By this, it becomes possible to judge the correctness of the operation evaluation system against an instructor’s subjective evaluation. Experimental results, the experiment consisted of 23 persons’ driving taxis in five accident danger zones, the evaluation of the system and the evaluation of a specialist were in agreement at an accuracy of 3.6% of precision , and 85% of recall factor.

Moreover, over 50 taxi drivers and bus drivers have taken a lecture on this short course program and through the knowledge we gained during these lectures , we have become aware of other aspects of operation.

image of driving assessment system

Future Plan

We can therefore extend driving candidacy to new groups such as elderly people and beginning drivers, while also improving the accuracy of evaluation.


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