We are researching science and technology that can be used to project one’s presence over a long distance through the android Geminoid. We are using this android to research and analyze aspects of a human’s existence.


●We aim to understand human’s presense by using a “human-like” robot, rather than a “robot-like” robot.


●The robot is an “existence” humanoid with same the appearance and behavior as an actual researcher.

●It unites utterance and gesture by remote control. We have developed the most effective remote operation technology, by creating natural automatic operation and partially autonomous movement, so that it is easy for the operator to use Geminoid.

Future Plan

We will research the effect of transmitting the “existence” of a person from a remote place; for example, by having the remote-controlled Geminoid participate in a meeting instead of the person.


Geminoid HI-1 with Prof. Ishiguro


[Hiroshi Ishiguro Laboratories]