Communications Intelligence Modules



Our research is to develop Communication Intelligence Modules for creating friendly human-robot interaction in public places through the use of high efficient sensing technology.


●In order to create efficient Communication Intelligence Module and develop robots that can provide quality services in public spaces, we have to reflect on the kinds of services that people actually need and desire.
●With this aim, we have been experimenting with:
(a)A robot’ guide service
(b)A robot’ explanation service that provides product detailes in a commercial area
(c)A robot’ reception service at a hospital(See figure 1)


●Communication Intelligent Module is  a measurement tool that will easily locate the number and location of an assortment of persons in the vicinity of the robot while in congested cities and public spaces. Dialog control modules control and accumulate a history of data on people, such as a particular person’s frequency of visits, so that this information can be used to provide appropriate services. (See figure 2)

●When approaching a person, the robot first recognize the person’s face when he or she stands in front of the robot. Next, when the person verbally makes their request to the robot, it will guide the person by speech and gesture to the place where he or she wants to go. Through experimental research, we have discovered that robot services can be structured easily with the combination of multiple developed and efficient modules. (See figure 3)



Image of composition for easy guide service

Future Plan

In this research and development, we are attempting to develop modules that are not only high performance but are also flexible, modules that can be easily applied and used.