Interaction Science Laboratories (ISL)

–Science and Technology for Cognitive Interaction with Network Robots–
We are investigating a principle of cognitive interaction through R&D of network robots that has social intelligence. We are dealing with social-touch and moral interaction for robots, and human centric self-driving technology.

Human Robot Interaction(HR)


Agent Interaction Design(ID)

The main objective of our laboratory is to study interaction with agents such as physical robots and virtual agents. In particular, we are focusing on social touch interaction to realize natural and acceptable interaction between people and agents to realize various services such as childcare, elderly care, education support, etc.

Ambient Intelligence(AI)

Our research project aims to enhance human ability in cognition, decision, and behavior in daily life, especially in locomotion such as driving and walking. We are investigating model construction of visual, auditory and somatosensory perception and cognition, walking and driving behavior analysis, and information presentation techniques to improve human behavior.