Socialware in human-robot collaboration and physical interaction

Recent advances in the robotic technologies enable us to more conveniently build social robots that can physically collaborate with us in real world. Especially, the standardized hardware and software platforms such as ROS allows for the development of social robots effectively. On the other hand, we still have difficulty in designing social behaviors of the robots since we must hardcode even such common knowledge as social norm into them. To facilitate the human-robot collaboration including physical interaction in our society, it is important to develop middleware and that helps us implement social behavior for social robots to work in our society in an appropriate manner.

This workshop will propose fundamental design paradigms for social behaviors as "socialware" and discuss how we should design them for social robot with explainable artificial intelligence, bringing together leading researchers from Robotics, Computer Science, Engineering, Cognitive science, and Psychology. Our aim is to open formal discussion on the fundamental components of socialware, thereby sharing ideas on how we can design socialware for social robots that interact with people in our society.

Date: 1st September 2020 (JST) Place: Online This workshop is supported by JST CREST Symbiotic Interaction and JST CREST Intelligent Information Processing.


(Note: The schedule is planned in Japan Standard Time) 13:30~13:35 Opening 13:35~14:35 Invited talk (Prof. Satoshi Kurihara, Keio Univ., Japan) 14:35~14:45 Break 14:45~15:00 Talk 1 (Dr. Masahiro Shiomi, ATR, Japan) 15:00~15:15 Talk 2 (Dr. Hidenobu Sumioka, ATR, Japan) 15:15~15:30 Talk 3 (Prof. Takayuki Nagai, Osaka Univ., Japan) 15:30~15:40 Break 15:40~16:10 Invited talk (Associate Prof. Takato Horii, Osaka Univ., Japan) 16:10~16:25 Closing