Shopping mall dataset captured by a traversing robot

As part of our project we observed a real environment through continuous robot observations.

A sensor mounted robot was manually driven in "Temposan" shopping mall in Osaka-ko, Osaka, Japan. and recorded following data set. The shopping mall covers an area of approximately 80 x 100 m2.

Top view of the environment from second floor
[Top view of the environment from second floor]

During each recording the robot started at the same location and returned to the same location after traversing the environment.

Robot and Sensors

The robot was a Pioneer P3-DX robot equipped with a 3D laser radar sensor (Velodyne HDL-32E) and an IMU (Memsic VG440) sensor.

Velodyne sensor
[Velodyne sensor]

Sensor mounted robot
[Sensor mounted robot]


In the dataset each data log is a standard ros-bag file which could be replayed with a stable version of robot operating system (ROS). The data logs were recorded in ROS-INDIGO.

Replaying data in ROS.
[Replaying data in ROS.]

Sensor mounted robot operating in the environment
[Sensor mounted robot operating in the environment]

The dataset is split into 7 independent logs each consisting of one traversal. The files are big ( > 10 GB), so downloading might take a while.

Reference to the logs and their size








You can find more details about the system in the reference paper below.

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The dataset is free to use for research purposes only.

In case you use the datasets in your work please be sure to cite the reference paper below.

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Inquiries and feedback

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